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Join us in the cosmopolitan paradise of Thessaloniki !  

The city was founded in 315 BC by Cassander, in honor of his wife Thessaloniki, sister of Alexander the Great. Since then, and due to its strategic position, Thessaloniki has been a commercial and cultural crossroad that brought together people and ideas from all over the world. The signs of this uninterrupted urban activity for more than 2,300 years are evident in each corner of the city.

Nowadays, Thessaloniki is a big, modern city, with a population of around one million, and an important administrative and financial centre of the Balkans (with more than 120 000 students). Thessaloniki is a beautiful city built between the sea and the mountain. The architecture in Thessaloniki is the direct result of the city's position at the centre of all historical developments in the South East Europe. 

The city has hundreds of restaurants, taverns and ouzeries ready to please every taste. As any Greek would tell you, the restaurants and taverns of Thessaloniki are the finest of all Greece and offer cuisine of a distinctly Thessalonian character, combining the spices of east and Mediterranean flavours. You can enjoy fresh fish and sea food as well as famous greek dishes and international cuisine.


Thessaloniki is a very trendy destination. People are friendly (with the upmost Greek hospitality) and helpful. All those that visit enjoy unique moments both during the day and especially during the night along seaside walks, fine dining, cultural activities and exquisite Greek cuisine. Thessaloniki is famous for its unique seaside location, lust sunsets and history. 


With more than 300 days with sun per year, Thessaloniki has a mild Mediterranean climate, making your visit a true pleasure ! The end of September is a highly popular season especially for tourism as temperatures are not excessive anymore (being around 28-29 degrees celsius during the day) with still very warm sea temperature - therefore, pack your swimsuit and enjoy our nearby beaches ! 

What to visit

Some of the key attractions are: the White Tower, the Archeological Museum, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Agios Dimitrios Church, Aristotelous Square, Ladadika Square, New Seaside (New Paralia), Wine Roads of Macedonia and of course, nearby destinations such as Mount Olympus, Meteora & Halkidiki (one step away from the best-rated beaches in Europe) ! 

Local Transport 

With a wide variety of direct flights ( from all-over Europe, you will reach our city in no time. From the airport you can take a taxi (, which will cost around 20-25 EUR to the city centre). Drivers issue receipts. You could also choose to take a bus (2 EUR). Moving within the city is well-facilitated via the local bus system ( A ticket costs 1 EUR. Or, you can take a taxi !